They easily transfer low temperature and perish at the high. The heat, hence, can be used as an effective method of disinfection. A necessary condition for development and growth of dermatophytes is the wet medium. Especially it concerns originators of mycoses of feet. That is why infection and illness exacerbations are observed in summertime when the sweating of feet amplifies. Dermatophytes are steady to UF to beams; for their vital activity the neutral and alkalescent medium is optimum; acidity shifts in this or that party, especially in acidic, negatively influence mushrooms. One dermatophytes can parasitize only on the person, others - on the person and animals. In this connection distinguish accordingly antropofilnye and zoofilnye mushrooms. All-important value for development of mycotic process has age of the patient. Trichomycoses (the trichophytosis, a microsporia, a favus) are capable to amaze long hair that causes a lesion of a pilar part of a head and pushkovyh hair at diffusion of originators on a smooth skin, and are observed, as a rule, at children. Mycoses of feet (a tinea and an epidermophitia) become perceptible mainly at adults. The dominant role is played by age changes acid alkaline balance of an integument, a chemical compound of dermal fat.
Clearly acidic reaction of sweat at children till 1-2 years, then acidity decreases, coming nearer to neutral at the age from 5 till 10-12 years. As it is known, in this age period the case rate trichomycoses reaches the peak. In puberty acidity of sweat increases again. At adults on various sites of an integument sweat reaction fluctuates largely: On a head, a back, a breast it acidic, and in interdigital cords, especially feet - neutral or Alldaychemist. Important value has a various chemical compound of a sebaceous secret at children and adults.
In hair of adults there are the fat acids possessing fungiostaticheskimi properties, especially in relation to Microsporums. Promote development dermatofity depression of resistibility of an organism, a defective food, a disadvantage of vitamins, debilitating diseases, metabolic disturbances, the hormonal disbalance, etc. Special value give to functional inferiority of immune system, especially cellular immunity that explains high frequency dermatofity at a HIV of an infection and at immunosupressivnoj to therapy. From the external influences promoting occurrence and development of mycotic process, the greatest value the factors strengthening humidity of a skin have damage of integrity of an integument, especially in the form of microtraumas, and. Macerations of a false skin and superfluous humidity which are observed pleated skins more often and are accompanied by tearing away of a cornual layer, a clump of a serous liquid and oshchelachivaniem mediums, frame favorable conditions for penetration into a skin of pathogenic mushrooms and their reproduction. That is why wearing in summertime of the closed footwear, especially on a rubber sole, socks and stockings from the synthetic tissues which are not passing sweat, leads to development of mycoses of feet. Special value in a pathogenesis dermatofity belongs to a specific sensibilization of an organism, first of all skins, i.e. To sensitivity rising to the mushroom which has caused disease. This allergic reaction is preceded often by acute and deep forms dermatofity. Clinically it is shown in the form of Alldaychemist, maculae, blisters, fine pustules (mikidov). Mushrooms in allergic rashes are not found out.